Information technology has made incredible strides over a relatively short period of time with many different technologies being innovative and used for a vast variety of purposes. One section of technology that has been growing fast is the Internet of Things. This is because more devices are fueling more applications in our society. In this week’s blog, we take a look at how the Internet of Things has started to grow up and what it means for businesses in the future.

The Internet of Things Explained 

The use of billions of Internet-connected devices is changing the way the world functions. Every device created to streamline or automate functions from energy efficiency to communications, comes with it a certain amount of risk, however. In many cases, these concerns have actually hindered the progress of IoT strategies and have to be confronted if these technologies can be used for business. 

Organizations that have outlined a path forward for IoT are already reaping the benefits of the technology, but as IoT deployment strategies improve, more businesses will be able to integrate the IoT into their workflows. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that IoT will get better in the future.

Creation of More Businesses Distributing IoT Devices

There are some companies that are leading the way in the IoT space, leading to a reduction of waste, and better, more sustainable products that support all types of business operations. It does this in many ways. IoT can help fuel a more predictive maintenance strategy that is designed to get to and fix operational problems before they occur. IoT can help use more of your resources more often, creating less waste and downtime.

Huge Strides in IoT Security

It’s no secret that the IoT is not known for its inherent security. This is largely because many of the devices used in business are manufactured quickly and without the dedicated attention to digital security. This means the attack surface of your business is ever-growing. In the future, IoT manufacturers will spend more resources and time securing their products, creating a sustainable output of devices that don’t put customer or organizational data at risk. 

IoT with AI

The one thing that IoT delivers to the organization that chooses to use it is swaths of data. This data is the key to the business use of IoT, but only if that data is actionable. Through the use of AI, companies can break down immense data to create streamlined workflows, reduce their exposure to inefficiencies, and, in some cases, completely change the way they go about doing things. 

Decentralized IoT

Since IoT captures all movements as data, companies are in need of powerful computing infrastructures to properly utilize this technology. Currently, many are using the cloud to run their IoT platforms, and while this is cost-effective as compared with traditional computing outlays, it does present problems in that it inherently creates a bottleneck of sorts. In the future, more IoT platforms will be decentralized using blockchain technology. This technology, which is an encrypted digital ledger, distributes the data shared among blockchain nodes creating a less bogged-down and more efficient system. 

The IoT is a big deal for businesses and will be for some time to come. If you would like to learn how your business can fit in IoT technology and make it work for your specific needs, give the IT professionals at NetMGM a call at 888-748-2525.


The Potential of the Internet of Things Is Pretty Cool

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